Mirko Klukas, Ph.D.

based in San Francisco, CA

It's all just
Maps, Functions, and Arrows.

I always wanted to study art but became a mathematician. For most people there seems to be a big gap between those two worlds, but to me, they always felt quite similar.

In late 2017 I moved from Vienna to San Francisco and joined Numenta where I started a new position as a Research Scholar. In Vienna I was a postdoc at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, and, before that, at the University of Cologne.

The core of my research is a combination of mathematics, neuroscience, and computer science, including spatial representations in the brain, time series prediction, and binary sparse coding. My background however lies in pure mathematics in the field of geometric and differential topology - contact and symplectic topology for what it's worth. Believe me, it sounds worse than it actually is :)