Mirko Klukas, Ph.D.

based in Berlin, Germany Cambridge San Francisco Vienna Cologne

Publications &

    Computational Neuroscience
  1. Fragmented Spatial Maps: State abstraction and efficient planning from surprisal with S. Sharma, Y. Du, T Lozano-Perez, L. Kaelbling, and I. Fiete (2021, under review).
  2. Flexible representation of higher-dimensional cognitive variables with grid cells with M. Lewis, and I. Fiete, PLOS Comput. Biol. (2020), 13 pages.
  3. Efficient Inference in Structured Spaces (this is a "Cell-preview" for the Tolman-Eichenbaum Machine by Whittington et al.) with H. Sanders, M. Wilson, S. Sharma, and I. Fiete, Cell (2020), 1 page.
  4. A framework for intelligence and cortical function based on grid cells in the neocortex with J. Hawkins, M. Lewis, S. Purdy, and S. Ahmad, Front. Neural Circuits 12 (2019), 14 pages.
  1. Nested open books and the binding sum, with S. Durst, Osaka J. Math. 58-1 (2021), 33 pages.
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  7. Isotopy classification of Engel structures on circle bundles, with B. Sahamie, arXiv preprint (2012), 13 pages.